Fall 2017 Growth Groups Are Here!

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Every Monday until November 17, 2017

All Day

Category: Growth Groups | Coordinator: Matt Ford

Growth Groups are based on the conviction that Sunday Mornings are not enough for enjoying all that God wants to do in our lives through a local church.

Here’s the focus: Courage to Grow.

1. We want to grow in being like Jesus. 

   We know that happens through the weaving together of His Word, prayer, and community.

2. We want to teach and encourage one another.

   At a GG you’ll get to know others better, learn how you can support one another in friendship and prayer, and help each other not just hear God’s Word, but do it.

3. There’s a group for you.

  Growth Groups are generally gender-specific groups of 3-6 who meet when they want, and where they want once a week in order to work through the sermon text and discern how to apply it.  Would you like to create a group that’s a little different? Let Matt know (matt@folfcrc.com).